Our Board



Rick Loughery

Recorder of Deeds

County of Chester



Crosby Wood

New Heritage Properties


Vice Chair

Linda Lavender-Norris

Coatesville City Council



Cynthia Quinn

M.Cynthia Quinn, CPA



Regina Lewis

ChesPenn Health Services



Pat Bokovitz

Chester County Department of Community Development


Vanessa Briggs

Brandywine Health Foundation


Jack Burkholder

Coatesville Redevelopment Authority


Tammy Cansler Miles

Cansler Investment


Chip Huston

Chester County Habitat for Humanity


Montez Jones

Judah Ministries


James Logan

Chester County Economic Development Council


David Sciocchetti

Urban Development Consultant


Chaya Scott

Coatesville Youth Initiative


Bill Shaw 

Life Transforming Ministries


Donna Steltz

Western Chester County Chamber of Commerce


Thomas Swett

Kennett Economic Development


Our Mission


The mission of the 2nd Century Alliance is to develop and execute a strategy to build the City of Coatesville’s capacity to improve current conditions, stabilize the socio-economic stature of the City, foster economic development, and bring resources and community partners together for these purposes.


The 2nd Century Alliance is a Public/Private Partnership, funded by a collaboration between contributions from the private sector and the Chester County Department of Community Development.


Our efforts include:


Create a vibrant commercial corridor


Inspire investor confidence and build a business-friendly atmosphere


Build strong, stable residential neighborhoods


Improve the overall quality of life


Communicate the competitive advantages and positive attributes of the City


More information can be found in our five-year strategic action plan found here.




The 2nd Century Alliance has four working subcommittees. 


     Economic Development




 Advocacy and Policy




If you or someone you know is interested in serving on a committee, please contact us for more information.


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Our Partnerships


Funding support

is provided by:


Brandywine Health Foundation


Chester County Department of Community Development


Chester County Industrial Development Authority


Coatesville Area Partners for Progress


Coatesville Savings Bank


Crosby Wood


Don Cochran


GO Carlson


Gunard Berry Carlson Memorial Foundation


Huston Foundation


Stewart Huston Charitable Trust




The 2nd Century Alliance works closely with the following groups to advance the collective mission of improving the Coatesville community.


The City of Coatesville


The County of Chester


Coatesville Redevelopment Authority


Western Chester County Chamber of Commerce


Chester County Economic Development Council


Coatesville Youth Initiative


Brandywine Health Foundation


Natural Lands


Coatesville Growing Greater



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